Federica Giallombardo known, professionally as Feds, is a London based Songwriter/Producer.

Born in Malta, Federica began her career upon moving to London to study Songwriting.  Following her studies, she began to write songs for Artists as well as her own Artist project under 'Feds'.

'Feds' released her debut EP which consisted of 2 singles that charted for several weeks on the Maltese radio charts. Federica carries on writing for various artists and catalogues which has resulted in an impressive portfolio of work that span across all popular genres.

As a producer she has recently debuted her Lofi alias 'gia.llo'  - having released her first track 'fragmented' with Patiotic Records. The track has since been gaining a lot of traction on Spotify Radio and multiple playlists.

She now works in a Songwriting and Production duo with Chris Vella, writing and producing songs for artists. Click here to hear more from this duos projects.