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Chris Vella, a multi-instrumentalist music producer, has an impressive track record working with esteemed artists. He has collaborated in the studio with renowned acts such as Bastille, James Arthur, and RATIONALE, honing his skills and refining his craft along the way. With a wealth of experience under his belt, Chris brings a level of expertise that elevates their songwriting and production to new heights. 

Federica Giallombardo, as a songwriter, has also made her mark in the industry, having worked with notable talents like LENNY, Carla Marie Williams, and Apple Music Radio. Her ability to capture artists' essence and express their stories through compelling lyrics has garnered her songs with a uniqueness. Federica's collaborative work with prominent figures in the industry has further strengthened her prowess as a songwriter. 

Together, Chris and Federica leverage their past experiences to deliver exceptional songs. Their collective expertise ensures that each project they undertake is infused with a level of quality and creativity that sets them apart. 


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